Prologue Edit

2025. The discovery of two non-human sub-species brought the end of all warfare. But it wasn't peace, it wasn't bliss. It was far from it.

The discovery of the vampires and the lycans brought terror, and it gave the humans a new enemy. It was finally the gift that made humans stop fighting one another.

In the years after the discovery, thousands of people had died and mass graves had been dug especially. It was like the Witch Trials over and over again. People were burned and destroyed in something called "the purge". People held out hope that one day, maybe, there would be a cure - but there was no other option for the humans. Doctor Kincheski was a Russian scientist who was brought into America to aid the search for a cure to the "disease", and on live national television he announced what the world was waiting to hear.

That there was no cure.

In 2031, there was another purge, but this time it was on a larger scale, and the people involved were an elitist group of soldiers, they called the plan "project X", and told the nations that it was just a plan to eradicate the "filth" from society - but what they didn't know was that there was another side. The American government held a special corporation called AntiGenetics - and they were harvesting the DNA from vampires and lycans, in order to plant it into subjects. They said it was for the good of mankind, but what the government didn't know, was that the head of it, a doctor named Sadler, was not obeying the orders. And that they were taking vampires, and keeping them alive in artificial contamination chambers. They weren't killing anymore - they were trying to figure it all out.

They wanted to know the key to immortality. The key to unlimited power and strength. And they wanted it all to themselves.

But now, some of us are escaping...

And it's only a matter of time before we bring this building burning down.

== 1 ==

"Selene!" Michael grabbed out, clutching her arm and then pulling her behind the desk and pushing her down to shield her from the explosion.

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