The story of Veronica Alloway, a girl aged 21 who goes on the Titanic With her husband, Oliver Alloway, and a baby on the way.

Veronica's DiaryEdit

April 9th 1912Edit

What a lovely birthday! Oliver, my husband, bought me this lovely diary, and tickets on a ship to America! So that is where we will go and have a new life. We set sail on the 10th of April, in first class, with my parents, his, and the baby on the way. If the baby is a girl we will name her America, after the country we sail to, and if it is a boy, Xander, after Oliver's father, Alexander.

Anyway, the ship leaves in one day. I must pack, and my mother-in-law Mary has agreed to take me to her favourite store.

Mary just told me I look like a silly teenager. I guess I still am in many ways.

After Packing and Mary's StoreEdit

Mary's store was lovely. I got twelve dresses, as they were very cheap. There were many bags, as