Hey guys! Dannoh403 back a-gain for a...probably short story. Basically, it's about a girl and a dalek. So if you  don't enjoy daleks, Don't read it and go watch Doctor Who instead. 

For those of you who are probably curious, a friend of mine gave me the idea when she said "I just love daleks!" 

And so, I'm writing this story. Enjoy. I guess. 

And without any further ado, I bring Earth.

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Everything about my life was normal, perfectly, boringly normal. Then the daleks came. To be perfectly honest I was never a huge fan of my perfectly boring life. In fact, I was quite dissatisfied with it. Everyday, the same routine over and over, and nothing would ever change.

The night before this all began, I had a dream. I was rock climbing up a mountain, but everytime I tried to climb any higher, a boulder would swoop past me and force me to climb back down. As the boulder went by, it would say something like, "That's too dangerous," or "Try this instead". All of my father's trademark phrases he used to make my normal life as normal as possible. Nothing ever changed, just like my progress up the mountain, and then I woke up. 

I expected to be awoken by the chirping of birds and sunlight trying to force it's way through my curtains. Instead I see that it's still dark out. "That's odd," I mutter to myself. I check my phone, expecting it to say 4am or even 5am , but I'm shocked when I read that it's 9:30. I think back to the weather forecast yesterday, there weren't supposed to be any storms today. Then again, those forecasters probably got something wrong again. I climb out of bed and stride over to the curtains, expecting to check out how much rain had fallen. I open my curtains and jump back in shock. I fall over and stare at the sky;which, although containing no clouds, holds what I can count as 17 other planets of different shapes and colors. 

I pinch my arm, praying that this is just a dream, but I don't wake up. This nightmare is real, and it's only gonna get worse, because I see shapes flying down from above. Metal ships, or maybe the owners of the ships are flying down to greet us, and from the looks of the gun-like appartuses protruding from their right side, I imagine they aren't friendly. 

Author's Note: So that was chapter one, just wrote that as a little preview, tell me what you think (honestly) in the comments below! Thanks a million! 

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