Amit Amberknight A Journey of Power Cover (Complete)

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A Free Realms (SOE Game) Based Story: A boy named Amit Amberknight is a genetically-born wizard but is friends with a sorcerer, a group of people kind of like wizards but they use a different magical force, therefore making the two group's enemies. As Amit grows up he starts to do what he dreads, become a wizard and even perhaps lose his friendship. But after his mother's sudden death from an evil force, Amit sudden realizes that he must become a wizard. What's More important to Amit, his sorcerer friend, or saving Sacred Grove from evil gloam forces? Based on Free Realms an SOE game and some terms are used from the Harry Potter book/movie series.

Introduction, Seminary in Stillwater CrossingEdit

“Life is a giant circle. A big, bumpy, uneven, rough, tough circle. Me as a Wizard, can manipulate this sometimes dark or light circle. I can make it for better, or worse or even break it. I can even make it... last longer. But I chose not to. Does anyone here know why?”

“Because you’re overwhelmed with saving everyone all the time?”

“No, because I believe that when every single person is born, they are born and meant to be around for their own time, and to do their own duty. Mine, no offense to anyone here but was probably more important than most people in Scarced Grove today. So why ruin what was supposed to happen? As many people say, let nature take it’s course.”

“Also many of you here are probably fans, or know what I have done. You know I’ve fought sorcerers, Gloam, and even some common day races here in Scarced Grove. Well, most of the evil sorcerers, and gloam agents and council members of the gloam were originally people with amazing power, even more than I could actually believe! But there was one thing... One common thing between all these horrible people... It’s that they all had already died and served their role. Them coming back only gave them more humiliation and weakened them. Nature didn’t want them back so nature made someone to stop them, me. I’m personally assuming they’ll gain power and come back again and again as long as there’s a world to ruin create chaos in, and take over. That’s why there are many people through our realms to help, serve, protect, and attack for us. Thank you, and that’ll be all.”

I walked from the front of the small park where the famous bounty hunter Fernando used to stand and help young brawlers with their training and give them some bounty hunting assignments. He even gave seminaries like I did but his were more common as he was almost always at the park and tended to draw crowds their so he would just give them when the park was full. That wouldn’t happen anymore. Almost nothing would be the same anymore. Not after all I had been through with all of the realms best fighters. Even the heroes trained by Madam Zelda had just barely survived what happened.

Chapter One, Cobblestone Village (Back when it was called Crossroads)Edit

I came home again, from yet another one of the best fighters the world has this generation, and still came back a wimp. I snuck in my room through the bedroom window, I didn’t want my parents to find out. Man this is horrible, the only thing left to try out is wizardry, but my friend Tommy Wackywings is part of this secret group of creatures throughout Scarced Grove called sorcerers that use a different kind of magic then wizards. In fact, my parents both being wizards had told me about some wizard and sorcerer history.

Back before the days of Gleam fighting of the Gloam forces, Wizards and Sorcerers were the main focus of citizens, obviously other jobs we have in Sacred Grove today were there including some from just before I was born, such as pet trainer, but continuing on with the history.

Sorcerers and Wizards despised each other. I’d found out that in this place full of sunflowers and tiny glowing people (wherever that is) that there was this giant contraption right in the middle of it all and they would send wizards in their to remove their powers and transform it into the kind sorcerers use. It was supposedly a painful process. It’s said that Wizards had such a large population they practically wiped out the sorcerers for this “evil act”.

Today Tommy Wackywings, my friend who I mentioned above, is actually part of the royal sorcerer bloodline. of course with so little people knowing about sorcerers he doesn’t get any special treatment from anyone nor is he recognized as a prominent citizen. Either way we’d still be great friends. His family, the royal sorcerers where the only family left when gleam took over, then gloam and now Ayani’s familyline. Of course they gained supporters but they never had any of the original sorcerers as us stupid wizards killed them all. Even though I’ve never used any magic in my life, I’m still a wizard as all my family is, back for generations they are too (Probably killed all of the sorcerers).

Tom knows about my family but they don't even know he exists, for that matter his doesn’t know that I do either. If one family found out, the other family would probably be found dead in their beds the next morning.

I told him I felt bad about how the wizards abused him so I put off my parents somehow and got to fail every other single job out there, except for cooking, although my instructor was surprised I didn’t blow up the toaster when I was making toast. I also was a perfect adventurer and got all of the exploration coins and got a level twenty position, but because almost everyone has that, their aren’t many opportunities for an explorer or adventurer. Therefore I have to face my fears, my parents and wizardry.

Chapter Two, Robgoblin CampEdit

“No no no! You have to hold your wand like this you moron!” Fizzlesticks the little green goblin like creature said.

“I’m trying but you look disgusting.”

“Hey That’s Offensive!”

“Sorry just I’ve been told you have mucus all over your skin”

“What Barinaclebrain told you that”

Of course I didn’t believe that as I had made it up myself to try and get out of this.I did feel kinda bad about this robgoblin trying to help me. I just didn’t wanna let Tom down. I just feel stupid because my younger brother Sebastian or Seb for short, was a major success at the first thing he tried, archery, then I fail everything, everything!

“Yoo-Whoo! pay attention! I’m trying to help you.”

“Sorry, It’s just that.... I’m, Nervous.”

“Really you didn’t seem nervous more like you just didn’t want to be here.”

I gulped, was he reading me or something? “Alright, alright, I don’t want to be a wizard.”

“What?!? The Might Amberknight family having a squib!”

“Hey! I’m not a squib I just don’t want to be a wizard.”

“Tomato, Toe-mato What’s the difference!?”

“Alright fine!.... I’ll try.” I held the wand the proper way that he must’ve shown sixties times and did the task he asked me to do, set a dummy on fire. Although that didn’t exactly happen. The dummy Exploded from the inside out with a fiery-whiplash and sent a parade of fireworks into the air. literally fireworks, they were actually different colors and everything.

“Wow that was above and beyond what I asked! You’re definitely a wizard alright.”

I cursed myself under my breath.

“Last time one of my students did that, well he was one of ‘dem heroes.”

Oh no! No no no no no! I’m actually doing good! What am I going to do,” I thought to myself.

Suddenly I started running. I ran into his tiny mobile home. He ran in after me. What da ya think you’re doin’ sneakin’ around in my house?”

“Sorry boy’s gotta go when a boy’s gotta go!”

“Ack! You could’ve gone in someone elses home,” Fizzlesticks said, “Ahh, just hurry it up!”

Good that bought me some time. What to do now. First I exited the bathroom then I went to one of his boarded up windows and tried to move the wood.

“It won’t budge,” I said aloud. That’s when I remembered the wand.

“Of course!” I almost said too loudly. I used the wand and lifted back the wood. He was back behind the mobile home. The perfect time to escape! I slowly exited the mobile home and walked slowly out of the village which in turn is hard to do when you’re the biggest thing there.

“There you are. Sheesh! What took ya so long, ten minutes wasted,” Fizzlesticks said.

I turned around and finally said it, “I think I’m done here.”

“Oh alrigh’, I was startin’ ta think you were too good for me too. I thouh-”

“No I mean...”

“No, no let me finish.”


“I thought you would say that. I’m gonna send you over to my old chum Yaren, Yaren Sunstare.”

“That’s not exactly what I...”

“No, no don’t worry ya won’t offended me or make me cry. If anythin’ you’d make me happy. No offense but i actually hate trainin’ most of the little, stupid, young...”

He took too long so I started walking home. I can’t believe how dumb he was.

“WAIT! You’re headed the wrong way, He’s in Snowhill. Don’t worry I walk ya there.”

Great,” I thought, “Exactly what I need him to follow me there, then I can’t run away!”

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