HEY guys! It's The admins!

Here we are in all our glory! Leave us a message to come get to know us!

Chat ModsEdit

  1. Madeleine Hi all! I'm Ellie. I'm a chat mod here! I'm 13 and I live in Canada. I love writing, and especially reading. Leave me a message, I'm always happy to chat!


  1. Skye (founder) Hi there, i'm Skye, With an E. And I'm Head Honcho around here.  I'm 15, and i'm From Australia! I'm A girl, and i'm happy to help anyone out. I love writing, Go to my page to read some of my stuff. And, i love reading. Drop me a message! And enjoy your stay!
  2. Nikki   (bureaucrat) Hi there, I'm Nikki. I'm 13, and im an admin here, and a well known grammer nazi. I live in America! I'm a girl, and i love to write. I have a lot of my stuff up. Take a look around. Leave me a message, and have fun!
  3. Gianni I am an Italian/Swedish boy, of 16 years, living in New Zealand since late 2007 where I learned english. I was on the Admin Mentor Program on Community Central, so if you need help, Admin or just plain normal user, hit me up on my message wall :3 .
  4. Sev   Hi all, I'm Sev, or Danny. I'm An admin here, And ROTS obsessed. I live in America, and i just turned 14. (Boy) I love writing, and roleplay. Find me on chat, or drop me a message! Have fun!
  5. AK Hi all! I'm a long time user, and long time chat mod. I'm 13, and i'm From America. I love reading, and writing. I write alot of Army\action stories around here. Leave me a message! Have a good time here!
  6. Jen Hi everybody! I'm Jen. I'm 13, and I'm From America! I'm the newest admin here. Drop me a message, if you have any questions, or need help! I write fanfictions, poems, romance often. Have fun! :)

As this wiki continues to grow, I'm sure we will need more admins and mods, keep alert.

So please tell your friends about us, so that when the time comes you may be considered as admin\chat mod.

Thanks guys!