Swearing: Beware! Mild Violence: Beware!Edit

I was never the girl that got noticed. And I never would be.

I was the lowest of the low, the nerdy girl, with the high IQ and straight A's.

The only friend I had was the tomboy that always played football with the boys. She was always so silly, and fun to be with.

But then one day everything changed. They came and took us out of our school.

And changed our lives forever.

"Hi Audrey!" Carley says to me, a football in her hand. "Hey Carley." I reply. The bell rings, signaling that recess is over. We walk in together, but before she walks in, she throws the football to it's owner.

We walk into Ms. Merlern's classroom, and take our seats.

"Today class, we will be doing a three page essay on the voyage of Jacques Cartier- Principal Allard. Who do you need?" Ms. Merlern asks.

"Can I have Audrey Burnett and Carley Syidneigh please?" Mr. Allard requests. Carley and I get up out of our seats and follow Mr. Allard. "Why do you think he wants us?" Carley asks, clearly confused. "I have no clue." I say.

A lady and 6 other girls sit in the principals office. "This woman needs sixteen girls for a program they are doing somewhere outside of here. I trust she takes care of you."

The lady drops something. "Oh, pardon me. Girls, My van is the big, black one. Go wait out by it." She says.

Five minutes later, and a lot of arguing with Carley that the woman is not a kidnapper. She agreed reluctantly.

"Okay girls, get in the van." The lady said nicely. She had a long black ponytail, and black sunglasses. A pink t-shirt, and a black leather jacket and skinny jeans.