So, I've been reading an awesome book lately. It's called "The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel". And It's awesome. I'd read it. Anyways, I was inspired to write a fanfic about them! So this will most likely be a solo story. But perhaps I might let someone jump along for the ride. So, enjoy.

Chapter UNO: Peter's POV (Thanks to Skye for the name)Edit

I grunt as the tulpa throws me off its back. I stagger back and grip my obsidian knives tightly, facing the enchanted wax monster. It lifts off part of it's massive shoulder and hurls it at me. 

I reluctantly pour another bit of power into my aura and throw up a shield. A faint blue shimmer surrounds me, my aura. The dull, sweet smell of whipped cream fills the air and a shield solidifies in front of me, blocking the incoming wax bomb. I whisper a short smell and pour the last bits of my magic into my aura, and a small sphere gathers in my palm. The tulpa lumbers toward me slowly but deliberately. 

I thrust out my palms, sending the glowing blue sphere flying at the monstrosity coming towards me. The sphere strikes the tulpa in the chest, and the white wax begins to melt into an ugly puddle. The blue mixes with the off-white to create an ugly light blue color. The puddle pools at my feet and stains my shoes.

"Grrrreat." I mutter, splattering off the remains of the artifical creation. The Dark Elders had underestimated me again. It would take much more to kill me. It would take much more to kill a sorcerer. 

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